J Ladner Education



I’ve had the opportunity to do hair across the entire country, and have realized that for as much as we are all different, we also have one thing in common:  we all hope to be the best versions of ourselves. As stylists, we wake up with the drive to change people’s lives. I’ve built my brand not only with a passion for hair but for the guests that wear that hair every day.

My goal is to share my story with you of how I built raving fans in different communities around the country, give you guidance in the art of road mapping to help your guests achieve their color dreams, and set a new standard for educating our guests to speak our language.

With J Ladner Education, it’s my mission to share my own salon reality standards and my road mapping system that will help you grow with confidence, gain knowledge of new techniques, and learn how to build your own brand.

Now is the time to invest in yourself with a brand that is truly about inclusion and celebrating our industry. We have to remember that there are enough heads to go around and being each other's accountability partner is what is going to take our industry to the next level.

Thank you for your support in creating a tribe full of rebels with a beauty cause.

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